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Porphyria Experts in Action

The United Porphyrias Association is proud to work closely with the porphyria experts on the UPA's Scientific Advisory Board and at the Porphyrias Consortium. 

We're pleased to introduce our Experts in Action where we'll feature:

  • Summing UP: Easy-to-understand summaries of recent and important scientific research
  • What's UP Doc? Where the experts answer your questions
  • Meet your experts: Where we get to know the experts a little better
  • Special events and recordings
  • New research opportunities
  • And more....

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What's Up Doc? EPP and porphyrin damage
What's UP Doc? EPP and porphyrin damage
February 4, 2022
By Dr. Amy Dickey

Question:  We know that extra porphyrins are what makes the skin hurt when my son has an EPP reaction but are they doing any damage on the inside of the body?

Patient Day Feature: EPP & XLP Guidelines with Dr. Amy Dickey
Patient Day Feature: EPP & XLP Guidelines

The diagnosis and treatment of rare conditions like EPP and XLP can be confusing for doctors and patients alike. Join Dr. Amy Dickey as she walks us through the recommendations from the new consensus guidelines for diagnosing and managing protoporphyrias.