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What's UP Doc? Making a health care team

  • Mar 25, 2022
  • Acute Porphyrias, CEP, EPP/XLP, What's UP Doc
  • Dr. Bruce Wang


What's UP Doc? Is a monthly column where we feature a patient question along with a response from a member of the UPA Scientific Advisory Board.

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Porphyria is a complex condition and it's hard for patients to put together a "team" of doctors to collaborate on our care, especially when we may not know the systems of our body to regularly monitor and evaluate. Can you recommend a list of specialties for acute porphyria patients, and a list of specialties for cutaneous porphyria patients?


This week Dr. Bruce Wang helps patients as they try to assemble their “team” of doctors. To see Dr. Wang's suggested “team” of doctors for each porphyria click here.

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Dr. Bruce Wang