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Drug Safety Database for AHP


Click here for the most up-to-date drug safety database for the Acute Hepatic Porphyrias

The international porphyria expert community has combined their expertise for the benefit of patients. The Norwegian Porphyria Centre (NAPOS) has designed a database which references much of the available information about the safety of drugs in porphyria and draws on the expertise of many of those with a porphyria interest. This database is kept current, and therefore contains information about many newer drugs compared to other traditional lists. Expert pharmacologists analyze the pathways of drug metabolism for each drug to determine the likelihood of its induction of the heme synthetic pathway. This allows physicians to make an informed guess as to whether it is likely to be safe or not, even when (as often happens) there is little or no actual experience with the drug in actual patients.


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NOTE: If a drug/medication is NOT listed, please contact the United Porphyrias Association.  We will connect with a porphyria expert for guidance.